Occasionally some foods may be upset, whether they are healthy or not.

It can trigger symptoms of any type of food sensitivity, such as headache, digestive problems, joint pain or skin problems.

Finding which food is a criminal can be difficult because food sensitivity is delayed after eating reactions, often for a few hours or longer.

To identify potentially problematic foods, some health experts provide food sensitivity.

Take a look at what are the food sensations and what are the best tests to identify.

Food Sensitization
Generally, three different types of food are used for food side effects: food allergies, food sensitivity and diet intolerance. However, not everyone has defined this condition the same way.

Food allergy can be reserved for fatal food reactions, including immunoglobulin E (IG) antibodies in your immune system. The "true" food is allergic.

Conversely, sensation foods and diet intolerance do not usually endanger life, but you feel bad.

Elimination Diet and Challenge Test
The ideal is to know what you are testing (4 - Gold is to remove the standard food feeling removed from food, after which there is a "verbal challenge," food that is eliminated after a period of escape after the reaction is eliminated) .

If you do not stop eating away from eating oral food, then food intake may be difficult to cover or detect your symptoms.

If you stop eating problems, you may have symptoms of a temporary withdrawal. Before you remove these symptoms, you may need to follow the dietary remedies for about two weeks and you are ready to start testing for food in the oral challenge.

Due to the prevention of food, dedication and dedication and careful protection are needed. You need to know the components of the food you eat, which is difficult to come by.

The food that you avoid in emissions foods is different. Some practitioners can only remove food that is suspected of a problem, such as dairy and wheat products.

Others have some food for some time, eg. B. Two weeks, for you to remotely and gradually reproduce them.

In order to evaluate which foods are problematic, some physicians offer food sensitivity testing to provide first-aid food.

The important thing is that you should not try to regenerate your diet in real allergies. If you suspect that you are due to food allergies, discuss appropriate testing with your allergy.

Gold is the standard "food and drink" diet, which is the appropriate "verbal challenge" after periods of food eradication is avoided. Some doctors use home sensitivity tests at home.

Cell based testing
Cell-based food sensory testing started with the popular cytotoxic assays in the 1950s. Due to its accuracy problems (4, 8), this test was banned by many states in 1985.

Since then, immunologists have developed improved and automated testing methods. There are two cell-based blood tests in MRI and ALCAT.

Although some physicians have said that they appear to be useful in these tests, studies published for testing are limited (9).

Referee clearance test (MRI)
MRI needs a blood sample that is usually pulled from the nerves in your hands and taken from the company with a patent patented kit.

Your white blood cells "contract" When the MRI test approaches the food antigen in the "contract", the blood (plasma) ratio of your blood sample on the concrete cells (kosse cells) is to determine your reactions. Meals (9) are measured for.

Your white blood cells are exposed to food antigens, it suggests that they have published such chemicals as Haitimine and Leucotrians, which can cause symptoms in your body.